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Bowling in Lemmer

Who is the winner?

Bowling is not only a great sport but also a good idea for spending a leisurely evening.
Bowling is suitable for young and the young at heart.

Our hotel provides four bowling alleys, which – apart from the traditional game – facilitate numerous playing variants. 

Each alley is suitable for up to 8 players.

09.00-12.00 hour - € 13,50 per alley per hour
12.00-18.00 hour - € 16,00 per alley per hour
18.00-23.00 hour - € 18,50 per alley per hour

For our young players, we offer a balling ball of less weight.

Enjoy a night of bowling with your friends and family
Combine a lovely dinner or drink with a bowling game. 
Reservations can be made at the front desk of our Hotel.

More information? Contact us! You can find our bowling arrangements here.