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“The ultimate hotel, where hospitality is spelt with a capital H.”

Every hotel and catering establishment is hospitable, but it is far more satisfying to exceed the guests’ expectations! Together with the entire team, we aim to provide maximum hospitality and we do so by offering a mix of European and Oriental hospitality. The reactions from our guests show that our hospitality is just that little bit different from other hotels. The best example is how we serve our coffee: with water and a biscuit, Oriental style. We have extended the classic Dutch coffee and that always comes with a story.
History of Sports Hotel Iselmar
Until 1974, all you would find in Sports Hotel Iselmar’s current location was a farmhouse with a big stable. The original owners realised their biggest plans by building a hotel, which towered above the rest in terms of hospitality. At first, there were only hotel rooms, a marina and a restaurant. In 1991, our three-man management team took over the hotel, and as we wanted to attract a wider audience, we took a slightly different route. In those days, there was a lot of demand for conference rooms and the guests expected more and more. That is why, at the end of the 1990s, we built the party castle and increased our conference venue capacity to 450 persons across five conference rooms.

Expansion of marina and bungalows
The marina was also expanded and we increased the number of bungalows from 26 to 52. As you can see, we have tried to offer as much as possible, but one important element was still missing. The area and the marina are perfect for (water) sports enthusiasts and that is something we wanted to emphasise. This is how the name Sports Hotel Iselmar came into being. Here, you can enjoy water sports, racket sports, ten-pin bowling and we also have a windsurfing jetty on IJsselmeer.

A surprisingly pleasant stay for each guest
Business guests will also enjoy our accommodation. We offer conference packages in an inspiring environment, which can be combined with an overnight stay. We have a suitable arrangement for every guest, whether you wish to organise a conference or want to enjoy a lovely holiday!

“Even if you were to arrive by U-boat, we’d still have a berth for you”
Say “hotel” and most people think of a large block of concrete with doors and windows. Our hotel however is complete, with an open and warm character and anything is possible here! One example is the fact that twice we have been asked if it was possible to arrive at the hotel by helicopter. Of course you can, we’ll take care of it! Just imagine you want to use our venue for a wedding party and that you want to surprise your future wife with a drive in a pink Cadillac. Unfortunately, they only come in white! No problem, we’ll make sure you will have a pink Cadillac. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Even if you were to arrive by U-boat, we’d still have a berth for you. To us, returning guests are the ultimate compliment.

On behalf of all our staff, we wish you a very pleasant stay!

Bulent Guner
Manager Sporthotel Iselmar