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Delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner

Tasty appetite? That's convenient! Our cook is ready to prepare the most delicious meals for you.
For breakfast, lunch and dinner you can visit our attractive restaurant.

You are welcome! Want to know more about the menu, buffets and packages?
Then read on here.

Winter garden restaurant

Dining with a magnificent view on the marina

Our winter garden restaurant provides a magnificent view onto the marina. 

Enjoy our extensive breakfast buffet in the morning, and choose from our lunch and a la carte menu at noon.

The latter is also offered for dinner. In fair weather conditions, we will open our nearby terrace.

Enjoy culinairy meals

The meals prepared by Iselmar’s kitchen staff feature a French touch.
The maritime atmosphere will enable everyone to make their ideal choice.

Our cooks also adjust the choice of meals to the season.
Boards placed in the restaurant inform on respectively offered specialties.

In our restaurant no dogs are allowed.
You can enter the terrace or the bar with your dog and have dinner over there.

Do you want more information or want to reserve a table? Then please contact us.

View our menu
View our menu
View our lunch menu
View our lunch menu