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Holiday with 4 of 6 persons or with the whole Family!

Our accommodations are standard equipped with a simple but tidy inventory. They all have a living room with a couch, dinner table, television, kitchen, bathroom with toilet and shower and central heating. The bungalows do not have a dishwasher or microwave. Each bungalow is generally linked to another one. Providing a spacious terrace and ample lawns in front of the house, the bungalows are ideal accommodation for short-term as well as extended stays.

Different options for a perfect Holiday!
You can choose for a 4-Person bungalow with two separate bedrooms with each 2 separate beds. Or you can choose for a 6-Person bungalow with 3 bedrooms of which one bedroom with a bunkbed, and two bedrooms with each two separate beds.

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Bungalow for 4 persons
Bungalow for 4 persons
Bungalow for 6 persons
Bungalow for 6 persons