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Sloop rental Lemmer

Relax on the water

The marina provides the option for leasing spacious sloops (interboat 17). Interboat 17 is a sloop, fully hand-made in the Netherlands. Its dimensions amount to 5.70 x 2.25 meter. It features a clearance of 0.85 meters.

The sloops are most convenient, and feature excellent seating comfort and perfect handling characteristics. Navigating these sloops does not require any yachting permit.

Respective sloops have been equipped with steering wheel, spray hood, massive teakwood and a swimming ladder.

Sloops are let on a daily base.
6-persons sloop, price per day € 175,00
8-persons sloop, price per day € 225,00

In order to lease a sloop, please contact our front desk of the Hotel.