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Company celebrations

Party at a beautiful place

If you celebrate your office party at Iselmar, you will party at a wonderful location. Your guests will arrive at Iselmar’s Party Palace. A separate entrance area will lead them into the entrance hall. where every single guest will be welcomed with a solemn cocktail. Once they have arrived at the Party Palace, your guests will be astonished. A sparkling fountain, dim ligth, a special ligth show on the dance floor amidst the water garden, and many other surprising effects will soon create a party atmosphere. There are things to see and experience all over the place.

Live music or a show act?
While some may group around tables and take a look around, others may stand at the bar and enjoy talking to their colleaques… Your party is ready to start, but what is going to happen next? Live misci of a DJ? Speeches or show acts? Appetizers or an extensive dinner? Stay at the hotel overnight or return back home by bus?
We provide for every option!

By arrangement with you, we are pleased to prepare a customized program. In case you would like to view our location in advance, ou are welcome to visit us at any time.